Documentation & Instructions

We created the below videos to help you install, setup and configure our WP Backend File Search & Editor Tweaks plugin. The plugin was built to be clean and simple – we hope you find it useful as you tinker and tweak with your WordPress website!

Installing the Plugin

Step 1: Download

After your purchase, you’ll receive a download link for the plugin’s .zip file (link is also in your order confirmation email and your Order Details).

Step 2: Upload

In your site’s admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, click the Upload Plugin button (top of page), then click the Choose File button. Select the plugin’s .zip file you just downloaded and click Install Now (don’t unpack the .zip – upload as is).

Step 3: Activate

Once the .zip file has been uploaded, click the Activate Plugin link.

Activating Your License Key

The plugin must be activated with your unique license key in order for it to function. The process is easy:

From your site’s admin dashboard, go to Settings > WP Backend File Search & Editor Tweaks and paste your assigned key into the License Key field (your key is 33 characters, beginning with: WPBEFS-). Then click Activate.

Can’t find your license key? Check your purchase confirmation email or go to your Order Summary.

“Search Current” vs. “Search All”

Our plugin offers two search options:

“Search Current” will find and highlight all instances of your search term within the single plugin or theme file you are currently viewing.

“Search All” is a more robust search, and will find all instances of your search term within all the .css, .php, and .js files of the theme or plugin you’re editing.

The “Search All” results will show you (1) a snippet of the search term in context, (2) the name of the file it was found within, and (3) the line number where it can be found. From there, you can view the files by clicking the file path (you can choose to open in a new browser window or current window).

Settings and Customization

The WP Backend File Search & Editor Tweaks plugin has a few settings and options to customize your theme and plugin editor:

Editor Theme lets you customize the background color and text color of your editor with 33 pre-loaded themes that mimic the look of Dreamweaver, XCode, SQLServer, Github and more!

Show Line Numbers adds numbers to each line of code, making it easier to locate and reference specific lines of developer code.

Wrap Lines collapses long lines of code to fit the width of the editor – so they’re easier to read without side-scrolling. Don’t worry: long lines of code that are now split onto new lines will still maintain correct line numbering.