Search All WordPress Backend Files At Once

With our plugin, there’s no need to open each PHP, CSS and JS file individually to find the code you’re looking for. Search better and improve your WordPress experience!

WP Backend File Search and Editor Tweaks Wordpress Plugin


The WP Backend File Search & Editor Tweaks plugin was built with simple, robust features to streamline your code and file search. We also make your theme and plugin editor smarter, more organized and more convenient.

Search all PHP, CSS and JS files in your theme and plugin editor at once

Search All Files

No need to open each individual backend file to find the code you’re looking for. Search all backend WordPress files at once instead!

Add line numbers to your theme and plugin editor to keep it organized

Line Numbering

Keep your editor neat & organized, by automatically adding numbers to each line of code. Now you can find what you’re looking for faster!

Customize your Theme & Plugin Editor with 33 pre-loaded color and style themes

Customized Editor

Change the look of your theme & plugin editor with 33 included themes to match your favorite coding environment.

Wrap long lines in your plugin and theme editor for easier reading and code editing

Wrapped Text

Stop side-scrolling! Line wrapping makes reading & editing easier, by wrapping long lines of code so they fit the editor window.

Special Thanks to our Partners

Concepting, developing, building and testing a WordPress plugin is a team effort, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of a few select partners. We’re thankful for everyone’s contribution, including hosting, design, coding, deployment and more.


Search better and improve your
WordPress Editor experience